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TOP -10 of the most perspective cryptocurrencies in 2018

25/10/2017 00:00
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The cryptocurrencies which will manage to take competition in 2018 will become most popular and perspective, keep their position and offer new options for users irrespectively of various difficulties. The following factors will matter greatly:

  • High liquidity;
  • Exchange rate stability;
  • Developers’ reputation;
  • Perspectives of each currency further growth.

Well, let’s see which cryptocurrencies will become the most perspective ones next year?

Bitcoin (BTC)           

It goes about first cryptocurrency in the world and professional lists leader. Starting from the first day of its appearance in 2008 the coin is actively developing. Bitcoin blockchain base serves as a basis of various developments aimed at system improvement.

This cryptocurrency appearance became the reason of digital currency market active development and constant appearance of various digital assets. Bitcoin network is based at revolution technology of blockchain, which has been researched and actively by large scale companies worldwide in lot of spheres.

At this moment Bitcoin capitalization made 71 milliards, which is much higher than the price of lot of large scale companies of the world. Current market offer of BTC makes 16 506 412 units (according Coinmarketcap statistics). Remember that this amount takes into account currency emission amounting 21 million BTC.

Bitcoin (BTC) has earned for granted the reputation of the most perspective currencies and this reputation is confirmed by the fast growth of its exchange rate. But the cryptocurrency mining is getting more difficult that is why BTC mining requires more capacities. There are additional ways to refill BTC wallet like (faucets, online games, buxes etc.) with couple hundreds of satoshi but each of them has specific details.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a digital currency of platform for the creation of decentralized online services on the basis of “smart- contracts”. If Bitcoin is often called “digital gold” (due to its mining complexity, wonderful investment qualities and offer limitations), the Ethereum is frequently associated with “oil digital analogue”, as ETH acts in some way as oil for Dapps made on the basis of smart contracts

Cryptocurrency society is constantly arguing about the fact which currency is more attractive from investment point of view: Bitcoin and Ethereum. Despite ETH rather young age (Ethereum network has been launched in July 2015). It is rather popular among large scale investors doing digital currency investments. Moreover large scale market players are sure that Ethereum can become more popular than Bitcoin.

According to recent data overall of ETH market capitalization makes 28 billion dollars, which is twice less of the appropriate index of cryptocurrency “first-born”. At the same time the Ethereum has rather high potential and platform attracts the attention. Besides this Ethereum potential is rather high and platform attracts the attention of more large scale software developers like Microsoft and IBM. Ethereum became the basis for the conducting of various ICO (Initial Coin Offering), while ERC-20 standard served as basis of lot of cryptokens and this process will continue.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash has appeared at digital currencies market in form of hardfork and acts in some way as “Bitcoin “alternative". 1st of August became the date when Bitcoin blockchain has been divided into two chains, which served as basis of reviewed digital asset appearance. Bitcoin Cash has common history with his parent but is being traded under separate ticker BCC.

After the hardfork the system founders have organized the hand-out of some Bitcoin Cash tokens in 1:1 proportion to cryptocurrency “first-born” coins holders at most trading sites and wallets. Of course such actions have caused rush around the currency since the first days of its existence having moved it to the third place on the amount of capitalization leaving far behind some veterans of cryptocurrency market. As soon as some trading sites have announced money refill- withdrawal option the price of “Bitcoin alternative” has started to be decreased.

All these processes have rather lot of questionable explanations and these explanations allow judging that the future of new cryptocurrency is far from being bright. Besides this Bitcoin Cash mining is not so perfect as Bitcoin mining due to frequent network problems. Industry experts tend thinking that 4,8 billion capitalization of BCC is justified by the popularity of its “parent” Bitcoin. One way or another this currency is successfully traded at most trading sites and its price can grow by repeating Bitcoin exchange rate movements.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple cryptocurrency became the most widespread in the systems of money transfers, currency exchange and gross payments in real time mode. Launching of coins protocol was made in 2012. Its main task became the provision of safe, fast and secure financial transactions of any amount without return payments worldwide. According to some crypto enthusiasts, Ripple network has all the perspectives to become SWIFT alternative.

Currently Ripple company successfully cooperates with most large scale companies and banks around the world. The companies are the following: BBVA, Mizuho, UniCredit, UBS, Mitsubishi UFJ and Santander. Ripple investors are Accenture, Google Ventures, Seagate и Andreessen Horowitz.

The first half of 2017 has been marked by immense growth of XPR price and currency getting into TOP 5 of cryptocurrency leaders. Currently Ripple currency capitalization is close to the level of 7 billion.


IOTA cryptocurrency is based on unique Tangle consensus methodology. IOTA is a cryptocurrency of Internet of Things exchange network. This network specific trait is the absence of miners and commission fees for transactions (transactions which are mutually confirmed by system nodes). Besides this IOTA network doesn’t divide participants into users and validators. The task of each node is both sending and confirmation of transaction. Moreover transactions are not packed into blocks (this makes IOTA tokens unique in comparison to other digital currencies). IOTA loading capacity is directly related to the amount of nodes and their activity.

Reviewed innovational currency is available for trading at Bitfinex stock exchange located in Hong Kong. Other trading sites are reluctant to include IOTA tokens in their listings. But this cryptocurrency popularity is constantly growing. Recently SatoshiPay service, which specializes at micropayments have announced their refusal from Bitcoin for the sake of IOTA.

This cryptocurrency has rather interesting worldwide perspectives. According to the results of research made by TechNavio the average annual growth of Internet of Things market will reach the level of 4% within nearest five years. This amount is rather significant for the development of innovational currency.

Currently IOTA market capitalization amount makes 2 billion USD. This digital currency is constantly growing and all forecasts confirm that this currency tend to grow.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is often called to be “digital silver”. It is one of the first ones who have activated the support of Segregated Witness protocol enabling transactions confirmations for a lesser period of time. The most popular Bitcoin fork is actively developing and its famous creator Charley Lee takes all measures to bring system to reliable functioning level using all existing modern technologies.

Litecoin has long been under the shadow its “parent” and other cryptocurrencies. But various factors occurred this year have caused the fork growth having made the price of one LTC coin to attain the level of 50USD. According to the ideas of industry experts this price is not the limit and LTC will continue growing soon. Another important factor of this cryptocurrency popularity is its presence in the listing of most stock exchanges and exchange sites. Moreover this currency is accepted by lot of companies as a payment mode.

LTC current market capitalization makes 52, million units. Currency maximum emission value makes 84 million tokens.


NEO digital assets platform has appeared due to re-branding of Antshares. The essence of such re-branding was at the upgrade of blockchain nodes, official website update, the update of technical documentation, social media, change of stock exchange ticker and successful shift to NEO 2.0 smart contracts system. This system is frequently called as Chinese Ethereum in network.

NEO cryptocoin has been marked by significant exchange rate growth for rather long time and has already taken 7th place at cryptocurrencies ratings, including the rating at poplar stock exchange titled as Coinmarketcap. The price of coin has been increased in 20 times within 3 months having reached the level of 45USD.

NEO emission is limited by one hundred million tokens. 50 million tokens are now in circulation. “Chinese Ethereum” market capitalization makes more than 2 billion USD.

It is worth specifically rather active pace of project development. Now it is worth mentioning the following:

  • NEO developers have established successful cooperation with lot of well-known blockchain start-ups like Bancor, Coindash, Agrello;
  • Chinese blockchain start-up Red Pulse have informed about the platform for the conducting of financial researches on the basis of NEO 2.0 smart contracts system;

NEO company participates at the development of Elastos OS, which will be designed for the research of technological value of blockchain application and Smart Economy development.


Dash cryptocurrency has been changing its title three times since the moment of its appearance in January 2014. Initially it has been titled as Xcoin, and has been renamed into Darkcoin in 2015.

Now Dash has the following specific traits:

  • Transactions anonymity due to Darksend mechanism;
  • Combination of several cryptography algorithms;
  • Low power expenses during mining
  • Participation of all users at the process of taking of solutions related to payment system development;
  • Specific master nodes for the support of PrivateSend transactions mixing mechanism;
  • InstantSend instant transactions service;
  • X11 hashing algorithm.

Since the moment of its appearance the price of Dash cryptocurrency has been increased in several hundred times; and lot of cryptocurrency sphere experts are sure that this process will continue due to some coin parameters uniqueness.


NEM cryptocurrency has started to become popular in 2015. Its main difference from others is at an original open source code and some new implementations. XEM cryptocurrency has been developed on the basis of POI algorithm ("proof-of-stake" modification), which takes into account user activity together with the proof of some balance existence at the wallet. The process of NEM coins mining is called “harvesting”

This system has private blockchain Mijin. Moreover NEM serves as a basis for new COMSA platform development. The platform main task will be the support of projects related to ICO conducting. According to company representatives new solution will allow the optimization of new digital investment attraction process.

Current XEM cryptocurrency market capitalization made 2 billion USD. This currency is extremely popular in Japan and other large countries. The popularity is justified by the cryptocurrency active trades at lot of well-known stock exchanges like Poloniex, Bittrex etc

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum Classic has appeared in 2016 due to Ethereum hardfork and has retained all original parameters of its “parent”. Initially everyone were not very optimistic about this cryptocurrency by ETC stays at TOP-10 of digital currencies on capitalization.

Ethereum Classic growth became especially active at the beginning of 2017 after Ethereum Classic Investment Trust launching. Further this cryptocurrency exchange rate tends to be stable at the account of project well-thought monetary policy, supposing emission limitation and block rewards decrease. It means that:

  • Coins overall amount will make around 210 млн;
  • Reward for mined block will be decreased for 20% for block under number 5 000 000, and will continue to decrease for 2% after each further five million blocks.

10 perspective cryptocurrencies of 2018 we have presented in this article have earned their status due to key parameters obtained based on numerous researches results. Despite the fact that this list is far from being final as there are other digital currencies which might be attractive from investment point of view. Digital currency market requires constant monitoring of all changes and this rule will stay in force.

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