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How blockchain helps finding new ways of bio residues usage

31/01/2019 19:05
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How blockchain helps finding new ways of bio residues usage 

Bio fuel stands for renewable and ecologically safe source of energy which can be obtained from forest residues, rubbish, foliar feed, other residues types and different types of agriculture plants. The biomass residues, being conserved in various ways at landfields or simply burnt can be used for the generation of carbon neutral power. Moreover the biomass fuel brings two times less hazardous substances to the atmosphere by thus improving the condition of forests, air quality and acting as an alternate solution on the decrease of greenhouse effect on the planet.
Taking into account the people cautiousness about global warming effect and climate changes, people have understood the necessity of finding and generation of renewable energy sources. Despite the fact that such issues are solved on global level each person has to understand its necessity and potential of renewable energy sources usage. Inspired by the idea of cryptocurrency and blockchain concept, the TerraGreen company has decided to use all the advantages of new technologies and work for good deeds. These guys have created the platform on the basis of blockchain dealing with the sales of renewable energy. The company main mission is to decrease the influence of mediators and providing the possibility of interested parties’ direct participation at the creation and usage of renewable energy sources. This cryptography platform gathers together of biomass supplies, power manufacturers, technologies developers and investors, who have invested at platform coin titled as TerraGreen coin (TGN).
TGN (the coin short title) has been created based on Bitcoin example. This coin is the try to create the blockchain-based system of micro management of biomass residues and turn them into power from renewable energy sources. The price of coins will be equal to the amount of produced energy supplied to end users. That is why such coins can be called energy efficient. TGN coins link power consumers and manufacturers provide them with the options of common management and manufacturing of renewable energy sources. The coin main task is to observe the interests of biomass power manufacturers and their compliance to common tasks of renewable energy sources and digital currencies. Each coin is regulated with smart contract containing the information about renewable energy product, the date of renewable energy power company’s launching and the price of such power sources.
TerraGreen company applies all efforts for solving the issues related to biomass residues using blockchain technologies and providing required financing of power stations working on renewable energy sources. The company sees as its main mission the new look at the usage of renewable energy sources. It plans becoming decentralized, self-managed virtual company, making positive influence over the problems of climate changes and surrounding pollution.

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