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Introducing the GladAge Token (GAC)

03/05/2018 00:00
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Natural age of a person can’t be reversed and old age is as significant part of a human’s life as other stages are. Sooner or later, old age is going to arrive, and no one has any control over it. Old-age is an age which demands care and affection, but that is certainly missed by all the traditional systems of the aged-care sector. GladAge has come up with an initiative of building a care ecosystem exclusively for the old aged. To provide them with a support system, senior homes, and caretakers.

GladAge: A Promising Future for Elderly

At GladAge, seniors will be provided with the best of options regarding personalized care as well as scrutinized GladAge homes. The seniors will also be provided with options for booking caretakers on their demands. An entire ecosystem will be developed to give elderly a life free from any chaos without compromising their lives. Whatever are the needs of the elderly, GladAge fulfils everything.

GladAge has aimed at focusing on solving all the problems associated with the aged care accommodation. The project is entirely in cooperation with the government policies. Also, GladAge has been adopting the experiences and positive working strategies of the companies which have already been operating in this field. The main aim is to create an entire network of senior care homes with specialized care that they require. Every senior should get the assistance which they need.

What Do We Need To Know About GAC Token?

The GladAge ecosystem is being backed up by Blockchain technology to make the system efficient, fast as well as secure. Blockchain is primarily a public ledger for all kind of cryptocurrency transactions. GladAge is offering GAC tokens. GAC tokens are distinct from all other cryptocurrencies as these aren’t limited to just the traditional demand and supply game. Volatility issues are remarkably lower with GAC tokens as there are real assets and liquidity of the physical world are backing these. The value of assets as well as tokens is much higher than other cryptocurrencies. This, when widespread, will give fierce competition to the topmost cryptocurrencies of all the world.

The Utilization of GAC Tokens

GAC tokens are used for various activities. One can get the tokens from the GladAge Token Sale and Pre-sale. Investors can utilize their GAC tokens for the following activities:

  • Paying subscription fees of GladAge homes as well as items inside their e-commerce market.
  • Transactions for the systems.
  • Booking as well as payouts for the caretakers.
  • Payment of insurance premiums. Insurance payments are monthly or yearly, payments, however, can be done through GAC tokens only. 

These are some of the primary uses that are associated with the GAC tokens. For the token distribution, there will be a pre-sale of tokens in the month of May and all the early supporters, as well as the contributors, will be ensured the token delivery before anyone else. Early investors will be provided with the maximum value. A 25% discount and clear limits for soft, as well as hard caps, will be granted to pre-sale investors.

Media Contacts

Name: Abhimanyu

Company Name: GladAge

Website :

Official Email :



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