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“Doublers” specific traits and ways of getting them

15/10/2017 00:00
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The “doublers” are the specific types of investment funds offering your savings increase in rather short term. Such HYIPs are extremely popular among the novices due to offers attraction. Though experienced HYIPers are trying to avoid the cooperation with such high yield profitable HYIPs. Taking into account this issue topicality we will review in details the “doubler” platform specific traits and check if they are worth investing at.

“Doublers” working principle

All “doubler” HYIPs operate, using the similar investment program’s principles. According such program the investor will get the profit which is two times more of the initial investment sum within 24 hours (or a bit bigger amount of time). Having attracted by such “fruitful offer”, users invest in doublers all their savings, which further stay “on hold” without any warranty to bring them back.

Such types of HYIPs have very short existence term – for about several days by making silly investors to lose all in most cases.

In order to provide greater amount of investors the project admins launch large scale advertising company from the very first moment of project launching and covering all possible ways of Internet Ad promotion. In most cases the increase of interest towards “doubler” by means of various advertisement types starts one week or even a month before such HYIP project launching. Such policy makes such non- existent HYIP popular among potential investors by making them to take firm decision to invest in it. At the same time it is worth remembering that such actions are the part of well developed plan which has proved to be efficient in many cases.

Details of “doublers”, which are worth paying attention to

“Bad” fame of HYIPs is sure to play its part but paying “doublers” do exist if you want trying your forces in this direction first of all you need to assess the following details of the project you are interested at:

  • Work duration;
  • Amount of active investors;
  • Daily percentage fees
  • Scripts of the services supporting payment during first hours after start;
  • Web site content;
  • Level of web site protection;
  • Chat for registered participants;
  • Reviews about project at various professional resources from users, who are officially registered at “doubler”.

Motivations of “doubler” closing

Most HYIP reviews set positive forecast but despite this fact each of such resource disappears with all investors’ money.

In order to avoid capital loss due to SCAM it is necessary to make constant supervision of “doubler”. The main motivations of “doubler” further closing are the following:

  • Impossibility to write messages at chat;
  • Delaying in payment which contradict agreement conditions;
  • Admins calls for re-investment;
  • Events with significantly increased percents for large scale investments;
  • Frequent technical problems.

Such changes might occur in several days after project launching or even in few hours after project launching. It is necessary to understand that any of such call is the signal to close deposit and withdraw obtained money.

How to earn successfully at “doublers”

Positive feedbacks are highly appreciated in Internet; though it is not worth to rely on them and on the long term cooperation with such projects.

Experienced investors recommend using the following two rules when making deposit placement at such resources:

  1. It is necessary to make investment in minimum allowed amount meaning the sum you are not afraid to loose. Moreover we recommend you withdrawing first percents right after their depositing to account and continue the same way till the moment of your investment complete payback. Using such approach you can return initial investments and use the profit which you wouldn’t be afraid to lose. Of course it is no warranty that you will manage to increase your capital twice. Though the only thing you can do is to minimize the risk of the losses you might encounter.
  2. At the same time you can attain the risks diversification having invested in several various projects and conducting their online management till the moment of resource closing. Only active cooperation with several resources will allow the probability of decent profit getting.

“Doublers” monitoring as the solution basis

New “doublers” appear every day. Modern HYIPs monitoring methods are capable to keep track up-to-date information about the condition of the projects which launch to be started or have just made their first payments. If you manage the fast assessment of the bulks of new information you will manage operating rather risky programs.

At the same time it is not worth paying specific attention to various rating ranging “doubler” HYIPs. As a practice shows such lists are topical few days only and there are the cases when some rating positions become closed in few hours after rating publishing.

Specific project thorough assessment doesn’t give exact answer if it is worth investing at “doubler” HYIPs. It is hard to forecast the result both due to the high risk and ability to take fast decisions in the rapidly changing situations. Such aspect is clearly seen in case of investor’s participation at several “doubler” programs with the necessity to keep track the dynamics of all programs the investor participates at. One way or another lot of network investors pay specific attention to “doublers” having high intentions to fetch “big profit”.

It is up to you to decide how you will act. We will only recommend you to take thorough assessment of all process advantages and disadvantages in order to gain big profit.

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