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About HYIPs: the way they work

21/09/2017 00:00
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HYIP is a popular type of investment project working on the classical scheme of economic bubbles: existing investors get their profit at the account of money invested by new investors. But these HYIPs really work and bring profit in case if specific rules are observed!

The main thing is to understand such funds specificity and study their types. They are the following ones:

Middle profitable HYIPs

The most “long term” project which can exist more than one year. Such projects offer the profitability in the amount of 10-15% a month. Not more. They are often called as investment projects on assets trust management. Life time of such projects in case of correct ad campaign conducting makes from 3 to 4 years.

Highly profitable HYIPs

It goes about HYIPs offering their investors the profit starting from 20% and more per month. Such projects live less than one year. The most rigid ones having good marketing idea can live up to one year. 

Ultra High yield HYIPs

The most interesting HYIP type from profit point of view. Some projects show the profit amounting up to 60% but live not more than several months.

HYIPs working principle

Potential investor can invest in economic “bubble” with the help of digital payment system. While highly profitable HYIPs offer automated instant payment mode. That is why small one time investment can be a good solution to check specific fund solvency. 
Classical HYIP operation scheme is the following:

  • Administrator launches the project and starts its promotion at forums and other popular media.
  • Coming of first investors – experienced market players, who understand well such system operation principle.
  • Admin takes for himself the part of invested money and distributes the rest between investors.
  • Start of promotion period. Successful advertise this HYIP to others making them to invest as well.
  • Popularity is constantly decreasing by making the moment of money release to come.
  • Absence of new investors causes project operation termination – i.e. insolvency – scam. Admin finishes the project by bringing losses to last investors attracted by this project.

The secret of successful and profitable investment in the project is rather simple; it is recommended to invest in project at the beginning of its launching, when it has only started its development and everyone speak about it. At the same time we recommend investing in one project only once. Even after getting significant profit we don’t recommend believing in advertisement. It is worth remembering that it goes about economic bubble with rather short life time.

It is advised to select optimum investment plan supposing mining term of investment freezing. The best option is the possibility of free money release any time. When selecting new project it is worth paying attention to the one the developers of which paid maximum efforts to its creation. Web site should be of good quality with variable content. Contact details and incorporation document is of great advantages as well.

To sum up our portal recommends you the following to remember that it is necessary to invest such sum in HYIP the loss of which wouldn’t be crucial to you.

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