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ICO tracker

03/02/2018 00:00
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ICO tracker

The projects with quality product keep appearing at ICO sites. It means that investments in such startups will be quickly paid back and return profit. Though how to distinct really profitable project from scam? Such distinction requires thorough assessment of the following indexes: road map, developers’ team, activity vector, competitors etc.

From now on investors do not have to open huge amount of tabs in order to access the information about company. The only thing the investor has to do is to enter our website and enter “ICO tracker” section. The list of tracked startups is constantly enlarging and the user can add project which is not in the list.

ICO tracker service interface

One does not have to be a genius to understand the way of this service functioning. Let’s review which useful information prospect investor can access having opened this website section:

  • Activity vector. It is understandable each user has to know what he invests money at. That is why summary table under project title and logo provides project brief description and the essence of development project author do.
  • Used Blockchain technology. In order to study thoroughly the specifics of startup it is necessary to know which data base has been taken as a basis. There are the cases when it is extremely difficult to find information but now you do not have to do this, simply check the table we have made.
  • Initial bonus. Of course investor has to know if he gets bonuses for his investments. This factor is not defining for investment project selection but it has significant importance.
  • Attracted investments. Some companies open all card before ICO launching meaning exact amount of money required for the implementation of different goals. This section specified both the level when the procedure of money collection will close together with amount of collected investments.
  • Road map, Whitepaper, developers’ team. The studies of these additional indexes allow maximum accurate assessment of project potential.
  • Time remaining till ICO finishing. Money collection is not for life time. That is why we recommend checking how much time you have left to decide the necessity to invest money in project.
  • Social media pages. Subscribe to startup accounts at social media to check the latest events. Moreover it allows project activity assessment and the level of end product readiness.

In case if you are not enough with brief information you can open full scale review of the project for further detailed assessment. Moreover we provide link to startup official website.

ICO service tracker classifies all projects into three categories like further, current and past ones. Such mode of gradation has been selected not in vain as it allows easy definition of startup conducting money collection. It means that such gradation will help you not to get confused.

In order to add ICO tracker you need first to get registered on our website, enter tracker section and press appropriate button. Be sure to provide maximum detailed information. The rating will be formed based on the information about ICOЕ so investor will have the possibility which project is worth paying attention to with additional indexes assessment.

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