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Wssavior average profitable HYIP review

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04/04/2019 20:25
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On the guard of your prosperity

The rather promising motto from the authors of average profitable HYIP titled as Wssavior stating that only their financial assets management strategies, Forex trading, cryptocurrency exchanges and investments into ICO startups will help to multiply to maximum the capital you have. Let’s check if it is true in our review.

About the company

Let’s start with the company story. According to the legend the company, which has made Wssavior project, WSSH LTD, consists of the specialists in the sphere of Forex trading, cryptocurrency markets as well as in the sphere of the assessment of the potential of further development of new startups, which might bring significant profit to prospect and current investors. As the company employees mention they assessed and studied appropriate investment markets and developed highly efficient trading strategies due to which the investors might select the investment plans with various terms and profit and lowest risk level.
Sounds rather promising, but any investor is sure to get interested at the legality of company offering such profitable conditions.
The “About us” tab contains the information about company legal address: 5th floor, Marshall House Ring Way, Preston, United Kingdom, PR1 2QD, registration certificate and the link to registration certificate itself.
The project is also presented on Facebook, Twitter, and VK. These pages contain brief company information and dub information from the “News” section
Next, they plan to add the support team phone number, which will work from 09:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. For now, any investor can contact project admin via Wssavior pages in social media, via online chat or by e-mail: At the same time, they can use “Support form”, where they can mention their name and e-mail and enter their question in Message window. Then let’s shift to a more detailed review of this project and its investment options.

Getting registered and deposit processing

The registration procedure is quite standard for similar projects. For registration be sure to press the “Register” button. In newly appeared window mention your name, e-mail, log in and password, the secret question with the answer to it. Next to be sure to insert your wallets data. Wssavior works with BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DSH. After this remember to agree with Terms and Conditions and press “Registration” button.

For deposit processing, remember to enter your account into “Make deposit” tab, select one of the presented investment plans, the source of money refilling. Next, be sure to enter the investment sum. Minimum investment amount makes 50 USD. Next, press the “Invest” button. After, you will be redirected to payment and deposit confirmation page.
All deposits statistics is displayed in “Your deposits” tab. In this tab there is information on the deposit sum, the amount of total profit on deposit, deposit term and statistics of the calculated percentage depending on the selected investment plan.
“Deposits history” tab displays the information on current and closed deposits.
The “Earning history” tab displays all information on the profit obtained from deposits.
The user can simultaneously have several deposits.

Project investment plans

The project has six investment plans with various profitability level and return obtaining conditions.
First investment plan titled "Standard Daily Plan" supposes deposit placement for the term of 50 days. The daily profit makes 1, 1%. Principal return at the end of the term and option of re-investment. Daily accruals. The investment sum is from 50 to 500USD.
Second investment plan "Professional Daily Plan" supposes deposit placement for the term of 100 days. The daily profit on deposit makes 1, 3%. Principal return at the end of the term and option of re-investment. Daily accruals. The investment sum is from 500 to 50000USD.
Third investment plan "Savior Accumulate" supposes deposit placement for the term of 65 days. The sum of deposit is included into payments. The return on this plan makes: 250% and paid at the end of the deposit term. The investment sum varies from 2500 to 5000USD. The option of re-investment.
Fourth investment plan "Savior Accumulate Pro" supposes deposit placement for the term of 135 days. The profit on this plan makes 1950% and paid at the end of the deposit term. The deposit sum is included in payments. The sum of investments varies from 200 to 20000USD with the re-investment option.
Fifth investment plan "VIP Plan" supposes deposit placement for the term of 21 days. The profit on this plan makes: 380% and paid at the end of the deposit term. Deposit sum is included into payments. The investment sum is from 40000 to 50000USD with the option of re-investment.
Sixth investment plan "VIP Plan +" supposes deposit placement for the term of 40 days. The profit on this plan makes: 1000% and paid at the end of the deposit term. The deposit sum is included in payments. The sum of investments varies from 35000 to 50000USD with the option of re-investment.
Each plan contains a profit calculator and the possibility to calculate potential return taking into account the invested sum.
Generally speaking the investors of any format: novices and “advanced” ones can select the investment plan which is more suitable for them. The first investment plan is sure to become the most suitable one for novices.

Money withdrawal

For profit withdrawal remember to enter “Withdraw” tab, select payment system with available balance, mention withdrawal sum in “Withdrawal” line and press “Request” button. Minimum withdrawal sum makes 5USD. The requests are processed within 4-48 hours. The project admin does not charge additional commission fees.

Affiliate program

The project has a 4-level affiliate program: 5-2-1-1%. The data on the amount of general and active referrals is presented in “Your referrals” tab. The data on affiliate rewards are presented in “Referrals history” tab together with the information on the amount of reward for each of the referrals, who processed the deposit having followed your referral link.
The data with the links to banners of various sizes are presented in the “Referral links” tab. Besides this, the project has the option of e-mail notifications on the fact of user registration and deposit processing at the project. For this option usage, remember to enter “Tell a friend” tab and find the lines with name and e-mail. In these lines, you can mention the contacts of your friends and parents and press the “Send” button. After these users will get notifications that you have registered in this project together with the links to the project web site containing the information about project investment options and invitation to get registered and process deposit.
The personal referral link is placed in the user profile in the “Account” tab under the information about statistics for profit and money withdrawal. The user can also find the link to the banners page.

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