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28/02/2017 00:00
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Today we present new project for your attention - Anonymous Bitcoin Traders (ABT) located at web site. ABT is a club of Bitcoin traders passionate to this cryptocurrency and have the wish to get real profit from making Bitcoins investments together with other participants of Anonymous Bitcoin Traders.

Anonymous Bitcoin Traders has wonderful team who has been working over the idea about this project creation. ABT use innovative trade methods and modern software aimed at the creation and promotion of Bitcoins investment pool available for those wishing to get profit from Bitcoins, which are often named new digital gold.


The has been registered on 1st of February 2017. The is located in Holland by thus ensuring the website uninterrupted operation by all ABT participants. This project is rather young but as a practice shows all participants who have started to work at this project got 99% warranted investments return and profit from participation at the project.

The website will be presented in English, Russian, Japanese and Chinese languages as shown on the image below.

Unfortunately we have managed to use only English interface of as it was the only working functional at this website. We suppose that now the is doing the website localization into other languages and in future we will be able to see other languages interface.

The website has detailed description of various operations, steps and options of ABT system in plain language to make it easier to understand each novice user who have decided to join new project.

The website uses dedicated server with DDOS- attacks protection by providing website stable operation 24/7 access of projects participants to their account.

How to become ABT participant?

Be sure to pass simple registration procedure in order to become this project participant. The registration will take around 2 minutes. Press “START TRADING" button for registration start.

Then you come to the next page where you fill in your bio data such as full name, surname, login password, secret question and answer together with your Bitcoin wallet address. As you can see the lines are very few so it will not take more than minute.

After filling the form, be sure to agree to Terms and Conditions of Anonymous Bitcoin Traders (hereinafter referred to as ABT). Then move right button as shown on the image below. Then press “REGISTER” button to complete registration process.

After registration completion you will see the following confirmation.

It is worth mentioning specifically the option of demo-account creation, with the help of which you might get initial working experience with ABT project. Using your demo account you can manage your investments, change settings for the productivity increase and contact the web site assistance team.

When you create demo account you will get demo deposit by thus enabling you to keep track of your account daily dynamics. Pay attention that you will not be able to withdraw Bitcoins to your Bitcoin wallet from demo account as it is not designed for this purpose. You will have to create real account at ABT and invest in this project in order to get real money.

Investing and getting profit at ABT:

After completion of new account registration process at website you can enter your cabinet which will look like the following before making first investments:

Press “START TRADING” button in your working cabinet for making investments. In new window you will be offered to make investment and deposit required sum to the project. After selecting required sum for ABT investment you will have to select one of two payment modes:

  • Pay via your ABT account balance, or
  • Pay via Bitcoin.

If you select Bitcoin payment, you will see payment details for transaction making. advantages:

With so vast variety of projects aimed at cryptocurrencies cloud mining investments or offers from banks about deposits placement it is worth mentioning that the fist ones are not very reliable and the second ones might not bring sufficient profit.

That is why the ABT project is the only reliable alternative of free money investments in order to get passive profit in Bitcoin.

ABT is the project aimed at the creation of anonymous pool of Bitcoin investors headed by experienced traders in order to make significant daily growth in the amount of 3,84% from the sum of investment made by each ABT participant.

At the same we would like to pay specific attention to the range of advantages:

1.    Bitcoin is a reliable asset:

Bitcoin is a new gold. The price for Bitcoin will continue to grow every time as this crypto currency has an enormous potential

2.    Flexibility

This project is available for everyone as initial sum for starting to work and participation at ABT makes around 0,01 BTC (~ $ 9). At the same time you can withdraw your deposit any time after payment of commission fee in the amount of 10%.

3.    Fast payments:

The provides almost instant payment to their clients. As soon as you press “process transaction button the ABT project API will show you transaction unique number which you can check at any Bitcoins block reviewer.

4.    Reliable customers’ support:

The employers of are always ready to help you with any questions you might have. Besides this the support of participants is a wonderful way of ABT information dissemination.

5.    Informative website:

As we wrote before this website is full of useful information allowing readers to find answer to any question which might arise at those wishing to join ABT project.

All steps and operations are provided with detailed description aimed at work easing to new users.

6.    Security:

The website uses modern technology of information protection enabling your investments, data passwords etc. reliable protection from any possible hacking of your Bitcoins. The project provides 2FA, so you can be 100% that only you will have access to your ABT account. The website uses 256-Bit encryption (cryptography protocol supposing safer connection), by thus making your account hacking almost impossible.

Website disadvantages:

  1. Non completed Multilanguage interface. Only English version is available.
  2. Small investment currency selection: We are sure that our readers would like to see more cryptocurrencies option for investment into ABT project.
  3. Small payment modes selection: Unfortunately doesn’t allow other payment systems like Visa International, MasterCard Worldwide or other popular ways.


We hope that you have found information about website and ABT project and you will join the participants of Anonymous Bitcoin Traders club like our team members did.

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