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The web site review: the game of dice as a simple mode to earn Bitcoins

26/02/2017 00:00
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Today we would like to present you one interesting project providing the possibility of doing the dice game for various types of cryptocurrencies such as (BTC, Doge, LTC and ETH) and double invested sums for several seconds in case of correct game strategy. We are talking about the service 999dice, located at This web site has been created for providing the possibility of dice game via Internet and is characterized by minimalism and simplicity. You don’t need to put much effort and keep various combinations in mind using this service. You simply make bets and the web site does other work for you

Let’s review some aspects of web site:

Information about

The exists more than one year. This fact confirms that it hasn’t been created for one day meaning that some web site will work couple of weeks and disappear with user money. Please pay attention to the fact that this web site domain had been registered on December 05, 2013. The web site server is located in Switzerland not in the third world country. This is another sign of its reliability. In case if website owners violated Switzerland laws the website would have been closed and the owners would have been arrested.

The website has Multilanguage interface including Russian versions but thus allowing people who don’t know English language using it without any problems.

This website interface is provided mainly in black, which to our opinion is not totally suitable for such interesting game. But this is the case of website owners. The website has a chat where users can communicate with other dice players in Indonesian, English, Uzbek, Russian and Ukrainian languages

Registration at

We recommend our readers to pass simple registration procedure at website and create an account though the website provides the possibility to play without getting registered. But if you will play without creating an account you might lose accumulated, won Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency you have used for playing at in case of cookies deletion (removal). Note: cookies means small data fragment sent by web server and stored at user PC

The account creation at website will take you around two minutes. The registration procedure is very simple and easy. First you have to enter homepage and find “Account” button. Press this button and you will get to “Account” tab

Then press “Create user name and password” button

Than another window will appear, where you create your account having specified your name and password.

The registration process has been completed and you can start playing dice. In this review we will tell you about all steps of working with website using Bitcoins example. But the procedures are similar for other cryptocurrencies.

How to refill deposit at

In order to start playing the dice at website you would need appropriate cryptocurrency (BTC, Doge, LTC и ETH) at your account at 999dice. You can refill your account in two ways:

  1. Get free Bitcoins having pressed «Free Bitcoins» button. But in this case the sums will be small and enough for couple of small bets. Be sure to take into account that you can get start-up bonus only one account once in 2,5 minutes from one IP address only.
  2. Refill your deposit. For this you can press “Deposit” button. You can view it below on screenshot:

Than next window with unique address designed for specifically yours account refilling will appear:

How to play at

As we wrote before this website has only one game – the dice. Each round you are making the settings of your bet and win percentage. Afterwards the we4bsite script provides random number from 0 to 999,999. Than the number is compared to your pre-game settings and if you got into winning diapason you get a winning or lose your bet if the number you have selected didn’t get into winning diapason.

The moment you start next game in manual mode is pressing “More” or “Less” button. Each time after the completion of each round you will see the changes at your account balance.

There is also the option of automated mode playing. Just set the program to the actions in case of win or loss and do other things you like.

Profit payment at 999dice

The profit payment at 999dice is very simple and takes couple minutes of your time. Be sure to press “Withdraw” button at 999dice for making money withdrawal.

Specify your wallet address in next window.

Depending on the cryptocurrency type minimum withdrawal sum makes: 0.0002 BTC , 2 Doge , 0.002 LTC , 0.005 ETH.

Advantages and disadvantages of 999dice

We would like to complete website review by its advantages and disadvantages.


Disadvantages of 999dice:

  • Not colorful interface and color gamma of the website. We think that it is too gloomy.
  • Small amount of games. Only “dice” game is available. We would like to see here more games to satisfy the needs of novice and experienced gamblers.
  • Limited amount of modes of account refilling.
  • Usage simplicity;
  • Option of playing dice with 4 types of electronic cryptocurrencies;
  • Option of investments quick increase;
  • Small transaction fee for won money withdrawal in the amount of 0,1%. No additional payments or fees except electronic currencies transaction fee which is impossible to avoid;
  • Low minimum withdrawal sum (0.0002 BTC; 2 Doge; 0.002 LTC; 0.005 ETH).
  • Additional income for news players’ invitation. You can earn additional Bitcoins having invited new players to 50% you will get 50% of fee from each bet made by the player you have invited using your affiliate program link. You will keep earning money irrespectively of the fact they win or lose.

Advantages of 999dice: is a wonderful selection in case you are looking for reliable website for dice game using one of popular cryptocurrencies. Wish you luck and big wins.


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