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Cloud mining services

Our listing will help you to find the most profitable cloud mining services. We make every day collection of the data about payments from all services, compare them and publish in listing — "top cloud mining services". Would you like to do cryptocurrency mining and get profit? We recommend doing it in a cloud with the help of specialized highly efficient equipment.

What does it mean?

  • Common users get the possibility to purchase or rent part of common hashrates.
  • All expenses for equipment maintenance (electricity fees, Internet, setting and repair etc.)are borne by mother company.
  • Each participant gets small profit without taking almost any efforts from their behalf.

Cryptocurrency cloud mining specific trait

  • Generally this process is similar to the investments in actual commercial products. They always differ with the following.
  • Minimum investments (several dollars or simple registration).
  • Wonderful indexes on time and efficiency cost
  • Cooperation on the basis of contracts ( customer independently selects specialized website and required capacity of cloud mining depending on its goals, mining conditions, accumulation and Bitcoin payments).
  • Remote location of the company(regions with cheap electricity).
  • Used for mining via ASIC-devices.
  • Internet is full of such offers but remember to pay attention to our verified list.

Recommendations on the usage of cloud mining services and other digital currencies:

Not all similar services are reliable and have perspective so it is important not to make mistake when selecting suitable resource. There is always a risk but bear in mind doing the following in order to minimize it:start from more simple and understandable offers like Bitcoins cloud mining;

  • purchase the capacities only for the sum that you are not afraid to lose. Never take loan for such purposes;
  • diversify your investments and simultaneously cooperate with several projects. In case if some project has problems you might be able to cover possible losses with the profit from other projects;
  • remember to pay attention to cloud mining service operation term. Ideally such service should have been working not less than 1-2 years.

List of Cloud Mining Services

* — Real profit can differ from the one stipulated in the chart as it depends on various factors such as deposit plan, period during which the investor acts as project member, availability of promo events at the moment of investment.

Status Description

Paying regularly, there is no problem with the service
No deposit
No test deposit
Not paying
SCAM / closed
Service has a problem with payments
Removed from monitoring
Server removed from monitoring

Table fields

Hashrate, which we bought at the service of cloud mining
How much BTC has been spent
Paid at the moment BTC, percentage of the return, the duration of the contract with the service
Current profitability for the year in %, are taken into account data from the last week


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One full circle equals 365 days
Warning: Investments in Cloud Mining involve risks. Do not forget the main rule of the investor - invest only what you can afford to lose. Information: We do not own any of the presented resources. The real income may differ from the one presented in the table, since it is affected by many factors: the exchange rate, the time of entry into the project, the availability of promo events at the time of investing.
Hashflare SHA 256 Genesis-mining SHA 256 Genesis-mining DASH Genesis-mining ETH Cryptomonitor Hashflare ETH Bitminer 16NM Genesis-mining Zcash Hashflare EQUIHASH Hashflare DASH Hashflare Scrypt Hashing24 Eobot Kikohash SelenTrade Genesis-mining Monero Hydrominer Cryptomining farm Bits2u Agiocrypto Flymining Omniatek Omniatek Trading Omniatek Trading ETH Innovamine SHA-256 Ecos Excel-mining Yobit VMining Viabtc
CryptominingFarm service
CryptominingFarm service

CryptominingFarm is the service of cloud-mining, working since 2015. This project will help everyone to rent capacities

Hashing24.com has got new capacities for sale
Hashing24.com has got new capacities for sale
 For some time cloud mining company hashing24.com didn’t have free contracts. New capacities for sale appeared this week. Minimum possible purchase makes 100GH/s. The price makes 31.95 USD or its equivalent in BTC or EUR.
Hashing24 review: reliable project of bitcoins mining
Hashing24 review: reliable project of bitcoins mining
The search of new and reliable service of cloud mining for profit gaining is rather complicated task but sometimes you manage finding successful and highly profitable bitcoin project. Today we would like to share with you the review of one of such projects of bitcoin mining – service Hashing24...
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