Why is the Bitcoin casino, bitcoin games, bitcoin dice is treated as earning category despite the fact that it goes about gambling? Because cash games in Bitcoin casino makes the illusion in most cases that a person can pick up a golden mountain in casino, having solved the system content. This is definitely a misconception, but not for a hundred percent. Bitcoin games (Satoshi) is often something simple and two-way. Don’t get into passion and- try to multiply your money online on 999dice or any other Bitcoin casino. At the same time remember not to sit down to make in such a way without preparation. Read the strategy, determines the best (least loss-making for you), and stops after a satisfactory win. Let me explain how this work: the cost of living is now at the level of 7000 rubles, and then 235 rubles a day (about $ 4) for this landmark. Remember, cash games are created to make you lose. If you win back the cost of living - you get minimum wage. SALARY! At the place where you had to leave it. One last tip in this topic - do not stop at one game, change them. If you feel that you understand the system - quickly change the game and bitcoin casino site.  Otherwise you will be defeated.

The world, like the army of its fans, is expanding just before our eyes. Most of them know the basic ways of earning bitcoins, but not everyone knows yet, perhaps the most potentially popular of them - bitcoin games.
What distinguishes them from "fellow"?
• Excitement for the average user. Bitcoin games are sure to please those who are far from solving mathematical problems, technical devices and programs, or do not like monotonous, aimless tasks such as entering captcha or clicking on advertisements.
• Variety. Participants are offered options for every taste - from the usual (with a primitive graphics and essence, but do not require any meditation and significant time costs) to a fairly hazardous pastime.